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Hey kids. I got a huge update for yalls. More stuff to look at from your favorite alcoholic. I put up all my stuff from school. 28 pieces from kstate. enjoy it. enjoy. and i put up a godzilla picture i did at work.

HEY EVERYBODY. guess what. I'm not dead yet. hooray! I'm still drawing, but not as much as i would like. i put up 9 new drawings. One of them is not supposed to be up (sorry Lauren) but i need to expose my best stuff so you all get to see it. Drop me a line if you like my stuff. I enjoy getting emails so bad. Zach@badpoetry.net

Happy Mother's day all you mothers. I had a rough week so I got to drawing to keep my mind off stuff. I'm pleased with the results.

It's been a while, but i put up a coupla drawings. Been working for the man every night and day. productivity may be down, but i get a chance to draw every now and then. i'll try and get some good stuff done for yalls.

Hey kids, drawings. I'm also searching for ways to get my art out. If you got something that needs doing and you like my style, let me know:


More drawings and a couple polaroids showcasing my new no-glasses fashion statement. Check that business out.

It's 2005. Oh noes! I put up some drawings from over the holiday season and some shots of tshirts i made under the projects section. If you like em and feel like yer hankerin for a sexy zach tshart let me know and i'm sure we can work something out. Word to your mother.

Hooray! I put up a whole buncha drawings and I redid that armless man painting for a friend's birthday present. Once I start sleeping well again i'll get back on the drawing wagon thing. I'm also working on making some tshirts, i'll put up the results. If everything works out right i may take orders for super rockin zach shirts.

School has been madness. I expect this year to get crazy. I put up another drawing from work and a wooden tikiman, carved for my sculpture class.

The school year has begun. i'm trying to be as productive as possible, so i put a couple paintings, drawings, and little animated things up for you. One of them is a napkin from work. It's an inside joke, so if you don't get it don't let it bother you. Now that i think about it, a lot of the things on this website probably don't make much sense to many people. If anyone ever wants a personal explanation of any of the drawings on here, i'd be happy to share if you email me: zach@badpoetry.net. You can also mail me telling me how much you hate me, or how much you love the website. The coming months shall be exciting.

I know i promised greatness, but i've been working for the man, every night and day. I added a projects section and a project fuelled by hate and sadness. ENJOY!

Finals are over, and summer means super art production fantasticness. 5 drawings added. Be ready for some impressive pieces in the near future.

Welcome to the newly redesigned site. It's been a while, I know, but
I've added a lot of new stuff to look at.


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